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Save $300 per person on airfare when you book a 6-night stay including flights, lodging, and a qualifying activity such as a winter wildlife tour or lift tickets. For two travelers, that’s $600 in savings. For a group of four, you can save $1,200 on your getaway!
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We can’t wait to hit the slopes this winter at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Snow King Mountain Resort, and Grand Targhee Resort. These resorts will all be open for the 2020-21 season. To keep guests safe and minimize crowding, the mountains will be operating at reduced capacities. Book your ski trip with us to secure your limited availability lift tickets.

Safe Outdoor Recreation In
Wide-Open Spaces

Beyond skiing and snowboarding, there are so many more ways to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air here during winter. When you’re ready to travel, we’re ready to host you safely in our parks and outdoor spaces. Get inspired to visit us with this blog on top winter activities.

Top Winter Activities: Jackson Hole Ski Teewinot, Apres Vous, and Sweetwater Gondola ready and waiting ‘Just for You!’


Being a gateway to one of the world’s most famous national parks, Yellowstone has many benefits, one of them being an incredible choice of lodging. From luxury resorts with every amenity you can imagine, to friendly locally run hotels to bunkhouses, we have lodging for every budget. Whether you choose to stay slopeside in Teton Village for winter convenience or downtown immersed in the hustle and bustle of a western resort town, both will deliver memorable experiences. Breathing mountain air all day will leave you ready for a deep sleep, and the bonus of Jackson Hole being located at just 6300 elevation ensures you will enjoy every minute while tucked up in any of our lodges.

Travel Deals & Trip Planning

A Winter Wildlife Itinerary
This itinerary will take you through two of the U.S.’s most treasured national parks to see wildlife up close.
Get Wild
Exclusive Winter Travel Deals
Save on your lodging with these exclusive winter travel deals. Enjoy discounts and earn free nights.
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Vacation Rental or Hotel?
Decide on the perfect place to stay with this guide comparing vacation home rentals and hotel stays.
Plan Your Stay: allow us to curate the perfect ski vacation: Tell us: Who will be traveling! Most preferred travel dates! Hometown airport!  and if you have a specific resort at which you desire to stay, we have access to every one of them! 

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We offer ski trips to any resort in USA and Canada. 

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#SkiUSA #SkiCanada #SkiEurope #SkiTheWorld Tell us: Who will be traveling. Most preferred days/dates/times. Most preferred #SkiDestination and #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069 will curate a #SkiTrip to meet your wants, needs, desires, and expectations! Since 1985 JESS@FriendsTravel.com 24|7|365

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Andorra may be tiny, but it offers world-class skiing
#Andorra is a minuscule landlocked principality in the #Pyrenees between #Spain and #France. Within its borders are about 125 miles of ski slopes that lure travelers from across Europe as well as the U.S. Andorra isn’t the easiest destination to reach, but it has become increasingly tourist-friendly over the past several years. But the staff at #FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069

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Andorra , officially the Principality of Andorra (Catalan: Principat d’Andorra), is a sovereign landlocked microstate on the Iberian Peninsula, in the eastern Pyrenees, bordered by France to the north and Spain to the south.

With Andorra, you get truly amazing food and wine! 

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Just as the snow season ends in #Australia and #NewZealand, it picks up in Europe. Snow lovers have so many choices in Europe, with destinations like #Switzerland, #Austria, #Germany, #Italy as well as lesser known places like #Bulgaria and #Greece. The 1984 #WinterOlympics took place in #SarajevoYugoslavia Now #SarajevoBosniaHerzegovina 

Friends Travel LLP Ski Europe offers car rental, and or train travel,  throughout Europe with pick up locations at major airports and rail stations, as well as downtown locations.
Best Time To Go: November – April
Off to the Snow in. . . France
The #Alps in the east and #Pyrenees in the south are the two most popular skiing regions in France. Choose from more than 400 ski resorts in the Alps, with heights of up to 10,000 feet above sea level. You can pick up your rental car from a number of city, airport and rail stations throughout France, including Chambery, Geneva, Grenoble and Lyon.

Snow Chains
Snow Chains are available on a request basis. Rates vary from EUR30-50 per rental, depending on the supplier and vehicle type. Snow chains are sometimes not permitted on one way rentals, so check when booking.

Ski Racks
Ski racks are also available to rent on a request basis. Rates range from EUR12.50 per day to a maximum EUR52.50 per rental.

Snow Tires
May be available with all suppliers and are on request at time of booking.

Winter Equipped Vehicle
Some suppliers offer winter equipped vehicles or Skierized Packages (on request) which come with winter tires, snow chains, a ski rack and sometimes an ice scraper. Rates are approximately EUR25 per day and are sometimes capped at about EUR110 per rental.

Skiers will be hard picked for choosing a slope in Italy with the Alps and the Dolomites in the North, to the Apennines in the South. You can even ski on the highest mountain in Western Europe, Mont Blanc in the Alps. But at almost 16,000 feet above sea level, it is not for the faint hearted. You can pick up a rental car at a number of locations throughout Italy, including airports, downtown locations and rail stations.

Snow Chains
Snow Chains are available to rent from most suppliers. There may be restrictions for select vehicle types, and are on request at time of booking. Cost varies depending on the supplier but range from EUR30-45 maximum per rental.

Ski Racks
Available to rent from the majority of suppliers, and are on a request basis. The cost is approximately maximum EUR30-45 per rental.

Austria is one of the most popular destinations for skiing in Europe. The provinces of the Tirol, Vorarlberg and Salzburgerland are favorites for avid skiers. You can collect a rental car from Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna or at 15 other locations in Austria.

Snow Chains
Snow chains are available to rent on request only. Cost is approximately EUR30 per rental, but may vary.

Ski Racks
You can rent ski racks on request at time of booking in Austria and may only be available for certain vehicle groups so
always check when you book. Rates range from approximately EUR25-50/rental.

Winter Tires
Winter tires (on all 4 wheels) are compulsory when driving in Austria between November and early April. Normal tires with snow chains are acceptable, however, if winter tires are not available. Winter tires are normally included in the rental fee but you should always check when you make a booking.

Winterization Fee
This is a mandatory charge for rental cars in Austria. Inclusions vary depending on supplier but almost certainly includes winter tires. Some suppliers also have snow chains and an ice scraper as part of the Winterization Fee. The fee is included in your rental fees at $4.00 per day.

Home of the Swiss Alps, Switzerland’s mountainous terrain makes it perfect for skiing. Zermatt, Davos and St. Moritz are the major destinations for skiers in Switzerland. You can collect a rental car from over 20 locations in Switzerland, including airports, downtown locations and railway stations.

Winterization Fee
This is a mandatory charge for rental cars that is included in your rental rates in Switzerland. Inclusions vary depending on supplier but almost certainly includes winter tires. Some suppliers also have snow chains and an ice scraper as part of the Winterization Fee.

Snow Chains
Where snow chains are not included in the Winterization Fee, they may be available to rent upon request at time of book-ing. The rental fee is approximately CHF7 per day.

Ski Racks
Ski racks can be rented on request. The rental charge ranges from approximately CHF40-50 per rental.
Did you know……
The Alps cover 62% of
Switzerland’s surface area.


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Best Time To Go: November – March
Canada is quite possibly the ultimate ski and snowboarding destination. The provinces of #BritishColombia and #Alberta are home to some of the most famous ski resorts in the world including #Whistler, #Banff and #Jasper. Auto rental cars at over 50 locations in #SkiWesternCanada including #Vancouver, #Whistler, $Banff, #Calgary, #SkiEasternCanada #Toronto and #Montreal #SkiLaurentians #SkiMontTremblant #SkiQuebec City #StonehamSkiResort #SkiMontSutton #SkiBlueMountainSkiResort #OntarioCanada

Snow Chains
Snow chains are not common in Canada as almost all rental cars are equipped with winter tires, suitable for the snow.
Ski Racks
Ski Racks are available to rent upon request at time of booking. Cost ranges from around CAD7-10 per day.
Winter Tires
The majority of vehicles are equipped with winter tires but always check at the time of booking.
Winterization Fee
Some suppliers include a winterization fee throughout winter. It often includes a snow brush/ice scraper and a block heater. This should be requested when you book.

The state of #Colorado, located in the #RockyMountain region of the USA, is renowned for skiing. #SkiCalifornia, #SkiUtah and #SkiVermont are also popular for snow holidays. You can collect your rental car from many locations through the USA including airports and downtown locations.
Snow Chains
Like Canada, snow chains are not so common in the USA as most vehicle have winter tires.
Ski Racks
You can rent ski racks in the USA upon request at time of booking. Charges range from approximately USD4-10 per day.
Winter Tires
Most rental vehicles in the USA will have winter or all weather tires.

List of ski areas and resorts in the United States,

and we get you a ski package deal to any of them!


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Tours Skiing in St Moritz with Zurich - 8 Day Deluxe Independent Tour europe/switzerland-1217080780 The best known of the continents mountain ranges, the Alpine chain, runs through most of Switzerland and provides the majority of the countrys magnificent natural sights. A popular wintersport area, some of the Europes most fashionable and exclusive ski resorts are located high among the peaks. Many, such St Moritz attract Europes rich and famous, including the British Royal Family. In the summer, towns become green mountain centres for walking and mountaineering, and there are few places more naturally beautiful in the whole of Europe.

Host of two winter Olympics, St Moritz is a winter playground for the rich and famous. People come here to be seen and you can catch a glimpse of celebrities from sports stars to pop singers on the pistes around the resort.

The Cresta Run, the village toboggan run, is one of the towns biggest attractions – but you will need courage to hurl yourself down the superfast ice-chute. Taking a supplementary membership of the draconian St Moritz Tobogganing Club at CHF500 gives you five chances to risk life and limb on the skeleton sleds – but you have to attend practice sessions and not be female to join in. The adjacent bobsled run offers a more politically correct opportunity to break your neck.

Name: Skiing in St Moritz with Zurich – 8 Day Deluxe Independent Tour, for individuals and can be arranged for Family and Friends Groups.
Category: EUROPE – Switzerland
Day 1
Private car transfer from the Zurich airport to the hotel in St Moritz, duration 3hrs.4 nights accommodation in St Moritz at 5 star Hotel Kempinski Grand, buffet breakfast included.
The best hotel in St Moritz. This is an extremely grand traditional building with turrets and ornamental touches in abundance.
This hotel is an excellent standard of property and quality. The hotel is located in the lower part of the village for people who prefer flatter terrain and located opposite the ski lift.Day 2, 3, 4
Free time at leisure for skiing, walking, hiking or other activities. Enjoying the Swiss Food and Wine.Day 5
Private car transfer from the hotel in St Moritz to the hotel in Zurich, duration 3hrs.

3 nights accommodation in Zurich at 4 star Hotel St Gotthard, buffet breakfast included.
This hotel has a prime location as it is situated on the world famous Bahnhofstrasse, home to most of Zurichs banks and prestigious jewellers.
Well known worldwide, this hotel really is a Zurich institution benefiting from an unbeatable location.

Day 6
Full day Heidiland Tour – Great Country Tour, duration 7hrs 30min.
Heidis world is not only a childrens fairytale, it really exists! After a tour of Zurich we follow the lake to Rapperswil and visit the picturesque Old Town and its medieval castle. Then after crossing the Ricken Pass with its panoramic views of the Alps we reach the lovely Toggenberg region with the most picturesque scenery of green hills and valleys. In Vaduz, the capital of the tiny Principality of Liechtenstein, you will have time free for leisure. See the settings of Heidis story in the Maifenfeld area. In the summer months we can visit Heidis village. A pleasant short walk leads to a collection of typical mountain houses, a village shop, and of course lots of little goats. Entry into the authentic Heidi House is optional. Our trip along Lake Walen takes us back to Zurich.

Tour includes: Transportation by coach, photo stop at the castle, leisure time in Rapperswil and Vaduz.

Day 7
Full day tour to Lucerne, duration 9hrs 30min.
A visit to this lovely Old Town should not be missed. Coach ride over the Albis Pass and along the shores of Lake of the Four Cantons to Lucerne with its many attractions. Short City Tour with main sights: Lion Monument, Chapel Bridge, Town hall, Jesuit Church, Concert and Congress Hall. Then you enjoy six hours on your own to discover this unique place. We suggest a ride on the new City Train, Swiss lunch with Folklore Show, a visit to the Transport Museum, the most eminent museum for transport and communication in Europe, the Picasso Museum or simply enjoy a romantic boat trip on Lake Lucerne (all optionals). Multilingual guide except during your six hours stay in Lucerne.

Tour includes: Transportation by coach, services of a local guide, city tour and leisure time in Lucerne.

Day 8
Private car transfer from the hotel to the Zurich airport. Enjoy your flight home.

Departure Dates: Year round, at your convenience.
Pricing: Based on double occupancy. On tour air fare and or trains included.
Itinerary: Based on 4 star and 5 star accommodations, can be modified to fit your interests and needs.
Deposit: 10% per person, minimum $500
Final Payment: Due 60 days before departure.
Air Fare: Air fare to the tour start point and return air fare home is not included. First Class, Business Class and Coach airfares available at the most advantageous prices.

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#SkiTrips! #SkiEurope, #SkiCanada, #SkiRockiesUSA, #SkiMontana, #SkiWyoming,  #SkiSouthAmerica, #SkiNewZealand, and more.

#SkiNewMexico and #SkiCalifornia

If you are a skier or other sports enthusiast FriendsTravel offers just about any sport available.

#BungeeJumping, #RiverRafting, #Skiing, #SnowBoarding, #Diving and many more.

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List of ski areas and resorts in the United States,

and we get you a ski package deal to any of them!


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#Wolf CreekAlberta
Park City and Canyons Resorts Combine to Create Largest Ski Resort in the U.S.
The linking of Park City and Canyons is part of a $50-million capital improvement project which will transform these two resorts into one and complete a number of critical upgrades to the infrastructure.  The project is one of the most ambitious and impactful capital programs in U.S. ski industry history and will create the largest ski resort in the United State with over 7,300 acres of skiable terrain.
Holiday’s Ski Lodging is Filling Up FAST!
Your plans to ski over #Christmas #NewYears week or #Presidents week! Book now to ensure that you get your preference in room types. Large three and four bedroom condominiums are wonderful for family gatherings, or friends traveling over holidays but they fill up early. JESS@FriendsTravel.com 24|7|365 
#FriendsTravelWestHollywoodCa90069 offers every ski resort in the USA, Canada, and around the world!
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Vail, Beaver Creek Offer Airfare, Ski and Hotel Packages

The popular Kids Fly Free program returns to Eagle Airport (EGE) in Colorado this season via American Airlines. For each paid adult fare (age 18 and above) for flights into Eagle Airport purchased in conjunction with select lodging, American Airlines is offering one free ticket for children ages 2 to 12. Upon arrival, children also receive free skiing or snowboarding at Vail and Beaver Creek with a paying adult, and free lodging with a paying adult at select properties through Vail Beaver Creek Reservations.

The entire family can get in on the deal with two specials unique to Vail and Beaver Creek — Fly In Ski Free at Vail, and Ski Free Stay Free, the value-oriented “buy three, get one free” lodging and lift ticket offer. Guests flying into Eagle Airport on a commercial flight through April 24, 2011, can ski or snowboard for free at Vail and Beaver Creek on their day of arrival. To participate, skiers and riders simply show their same-day boarding pass and Vail Valley lodging confirmation at any Vail or Beaver Creek ticket window to redeem their free lift ticket valid the day of arrival only.

Guests can save even more on lodging and lift tickets with the Ski Free Stay Free offer. Purchase three nights of lodging and three days of lift tickets and receive the fourth night of lodging and day of skiing or riding free. For current Ski Free Stay Free rates and details, SKI@FriendsTravel.com 24/7/365

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Three magnificent ski resorts. And the conditions just keep getting better.

Located in the world’s most renowned ski destinations, each spectacular Four Seasons Mountain Resort offers distinctive, one-of-a-kind adventures and experiences enriched with warm hospitality and exceptional offers. From dedicated Ski Concierge service to guided local tours and lively après ski scenes, Four Seasons offers a whole new way to enjoy winter.
Exceptional Winter Mountain Offers
For package details and online reservations, select the Resort of your choice below:
Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole: Ski Free
Four Seasons Resort Vail: Complimentary 5th Night with Spa treatments
Four Seasons Resort Whistler: Ski for FreeReservations :     JESS@FriendsTravel.com 24/7/365


List of ski areas and resorts in the United States,

and we get you a ski package deal to any of them!


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When leaving USA soil a Valid Passport or Passport Card is required.